Depositing your own funds

    • elmntdark
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      An inquiry, if i deposit my own money into the PS150 account , i do NOT have to gain 1000 FTP to clear that out right?
      Poker strategy will only take back the $50 starting capital right?
      And this also activates 27% rakeback correct?

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    • TheBu11d0g
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      Hello elmntdark,

      If your account @ FullTilt was created on/after 1st May 2010 then depositing your own funds will entitle you to receive the 27% rakeback deal and you wont have to earn 1000 basic FTPs to clear.

      It will clear at the normal rate of $0.06 per Full Tilt Point earned.

      If you fail to clear the original $50 starting capital from ourselves then that, or what is left of that $50, is all that will be taken and not any part of your deposit and/or profits will be touched.

      I hope that helps to answer your queries.

      Kind Regards,