I am PS member from Poland and rarely use forum of English community, so treat it as a little introduction of myself :) Usually I play NL25 SH on FTP.

I have a little question for you, because recently I were in some spots when as PFR I had premium holdings with TPTK oop on draw heavy boards (at least I regarded those boards as draw heavy) and I faced raise from aggressive players. Today I went AI with A :heart: K :heart: on the flop A :club: 6 :club: 2x after raise of a player 29/29 which was able to do it with set or 2 pair as well as with some kind of a draw. Normally on drawy board there is rather no question and you stack off with TPTK e.g. on K :club: 6 :club: 2x or Ax6 :club: 2 :club: board. The question is - is that specific board really draw heavy? There is already an A :club: , so the nut flush draw with at least one overcard is impossible and it is rather little possible for him to raise with FD, because floating is better for him in this spot I suppose. So, do you consider such specific board as draw heavy or dry? I am really curious of your opinion.