How much money you make?

    • blackstone1
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      Hi :)

      I really really, want to know if anyone is making money of poker. If you can post which stakes you play and how much you were in + or - (previous and this month) so I can have a better idea of what to expect by playing higher limits :) . tyvm
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    • ciRith
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      I think I'm 300$+ this month but only played around 2000 hands. :/

      You can expect 1BB/100 on the higher limits (FL).So you can calculate it on your own. :)
    • Timor83
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      I'm playing at 0.25/0.5 NL which is not that high of a limit, and have an hourly winrate of about 5$. I can't exactly tell you how much I'm up last month or this one because I play SNG's and tourneys as well, and actually it's irrelevant, because there's always going to be a monthly variance. You can play badly and win, or play good and lose. Hourly winrate is more important.