Sticking points for me,some help pls

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      Ok ,so I play nl200 Bss SH .

      I'll try to be brief about a couple of problems I would like some feedback on.

      Because i table select much i ussually end up playing a very nitty style like 18/16 cuz the Lag or calling stations and i just try to get in big pots with the fish.

      :hAgainst an aggressive fish that minraises on 992r and i have TT OOP is it ok to play for stacks -reraise/push or just call and fold to another barrell? I'm new to the table and don't have any reads.

      :cAgainst a regular is it ok to play KK on T83ss/4/Js bet/fold bet/fold bet/fold?

      :sIf I have KK overpair and a passive fish check raises turn should I go allin or just fold and try to only value bet him (let's say the board is T45r/7)

      Should i play for stacks with 2 pair on AKT and i have KT against a regular? Is it just a cooler if he has QJ ,AK etc?

      if the fish plays something like 50/20/3/30 and i have QQ on J66 and he check raises flop or turn is that standard to go broke? lately i'm only running into trips

      3-way pot if i hit bottom set on an extremely dry board on playing with weak-tight regulars on K28r and there is a bunch of action from them can i fold it for 100BB ,what about 200BB ?

      If i get a cold caller when i 3 bet with AA and on KQT and he raises can i fold there? that hits his range very good for cold call (talking about regulars )

      i have a very low ATS because players defend their blindes extremelly agressive,should i cold call more often if i raise from button and he reraises and I have 77,88,AJ,AT,A9,KQ,JK,KT,QT

      AK vs fish is bet/bet/allin on Ahigh dry board? if he raises with 2 pair and we get it in it's just a cooler?

      What do massive overbets ussualy mean coming from fish? I ran once into AQ on KK5/A (pot was 24$ and he donked shoved 190BB 380$-btw,is this a cooler if he has KQ,KJ,AK,55 and i have KT ?) and once into nuts .

      Ok,this is all for now but i will add more if i can think of any. All responses will be deeply appreciated :f_thumbsup:
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