did I play this right?

    • Vasco911
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      Its a 1-2 table fullring and Im in the MP3 delt a K :club: 9 :club: I min raise preflop. cut off postion raises back at me double my bet ( $8 ). I call flop comes down 6 :club: 9 :spade: 6 :heart: I bet $6 he raises back at me and makes it 12, I call. Turn comes a 2 :club: I check he bets $26, I call. river comes down a 5 :diamond: he moves allin for another $34 I call.

      Is this a decent play ? What would you put this player on? What do you think his cards were when I called his all in on the river?

      Oh yeah I had played there for about 10 hands so far and first impressions were it was a fairly loose table. The guy who rasie back at me just lost a big hand previous to this.
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