SNG with BSS

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      Would it be wrong to play sit n go using the big stack strategy? Seems most 10 man sngs with $1 buyin are turbos and I never get ahead and always end up short stack and pushin with Ax or ATC. I understand the consept of not using BSS in regular SNGs where the blinds increase at a slower pace but seems like it would make more sense to use BSS in turbos until you reach the 13BB push stage and elimate the middle stage.
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    • gedwashere91
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      Playing BSS is a very bad idea.
      When playing BSS we are happy to get into 55%-45% equity spots, where we have a very small edge which will still be +EV in the long run. However in SnGs the payout structure means that doubling your chips early does not double your $EV. This is called the Independent Chip Model. You cannot even get it in when you are 60-40 and make a profit in the long run. You will notice that the hands we generally play post-flop in the early stages, according to the charts, are hands that will have opponents dominated post flop. This is so that we can make +EV moves post-flop instead of f*cking around chasing mediocre draws in order to get a few extra dollars (like BSS). Generally, all you need is to get one big hand in the early stage, double up, then sit on that stack til push/fold time rolls around. Sometimes you'll get dealt AA twice or three times in early stage, which is nice, and you could be chip leader by the time it gets to late stage.. and sometimes the best hand you'll see will be K2o or some crap like that, and you'll be the shorty. This is OK, it's just variance, we should not take unnecessary risks early in order to "not be the shortstack on the bubble".

      Also the problem is that in pretty much all SnGs you are 30BB deep AT MAXIMUM. You are NEVER 100BB deep as required for BSS!

      The majority of SnG profitability is from the push/fold stage. If you don't like that style then I recommend you find a different type of game to play. Practice with the ICM trainer and push/fold won't be as scary.
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      sng strategy -> SnGs

      there are mathematical reasons why we play this strategy in SnGs based on the Independent Chip Model (ICM).