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My strategy

    • Mystrapoker
      Joined: 19.09.2007 Posts: 80
      I'd like to share my personal strategy and see what peoples think.
      I did well so far on pokerstars with it, except that I made some mistakes, because Im not a good player yet. Mistakes = not following my strategy, or not reading the game correctly.

      My mistakes have cost me like 10$ so far. My biggest one was to think I had a full house when I only had a straight... didn't see my cards correctly I guess. I also made a "probe bet" of 0.40$ when I thought it was a bet of 0.04$...

      Group 1
      Premium Hands that will be raise and re-raised from any position. Goes all-in and/or call all in if needed:
      AA, KK, QQ

      Group 2
      Raise the blinds and one/two limpers. Will call if I am shortstacked:
      a) AKs, JJ, TT (willing to reraise with those, but not as much as grp 1)
      b) AQs, AJs, Ako (will call up to a 4BB bet)
      (Basically I want to see the flop relatively cheaply with those, but I want to 'fatten' the pot first in case I hit).

      Group 3
      Raise the blinds in late position if no raise before me. Limp in all other positions:
      a) AQo, AJo, KQs (willing to call up to a 3BB bet)
      b) KQo, ATs, 99

      Group 4
      Call in mid to late position, raise as the small blind:
      A9-A5s, AT-A8o, 88-44

      Group 5
      Call in late position or as the small blind:
      A4-A2s, 33-22, A7-A2o, KJ-KTs, KJ-KTo, QJ-QTs, QJ-QTo, JTs

      I usually enter a table with a medium stack. Ie: half of the maximum buy-in.
      That way if I go all-in and get a bad beat it limit my loss, and it give me enough leverage to push peoples around or to steal pots in head-up situation.

      I'd like to include suited connectors in my strategy, but I think I would like to try those in play money game first to learn to use them before using them in real money cash games. (Because those suited connectors are what costs me the pot when I have AA-QQ apparently...)

      Ill discuss in a later post what I don't like in the shortstack strategy. Maybe it will explain why I want to try mine first...
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    • rubysilesia
      Joined: 03.07.2007 Posts: 351
      Playing your strategy against an opponent playing tight aggressive (presented in the strategy section on this site) u will be dominated many times. For example: u limp with AJ to raised pot. This means that your playing against AJ+ JJ+. When A or J comes on the flop u hold second best hand many times. Same thing is with QQ allin. U will often face KK+. All this is based on assumption that your facing solid TAG player which is not true in most cases so I believe that your strategy might work. But u should be aware of TAG raises especially from early and mid position. Another thing is playing pocket pairs for set value, it's very profitable but your strategy doesn't contain it. Personally I raise 99+, KJ+ from Button CO and CO-1 first in and from Button CO with one limper. I play slightly looser than SHC but according to it mostly. I try steeling blinds with almost any playable hand like: K6+, A2+, every suited connector or one gaper <45s+, offsuit connectors one gapers T8+.
    • Mystrapoker
      Joined: 19.09.2007 Posts: 80
      Maybe I should have elaborated more on the strategy and why I play A-rags and medium/low pairs.

      I play medium/low pairs, because Im hoping for a set against an overpair.
      I play A-rags because Im hoping for a set of aces or quads (thats why its the hands that I try to see the flop cheaply with and fold 90% of the time, I know an ace with a low kicker is owned by ace-high kicker).

      With suited A-rags Im trying to get the nut flush, and be up against another flush.

      I want to practice playing suited connectors for the same reason, to be hopefully up against an overpair opponent who will move all-in against my flush or straight.
    • logitechzen
      Joined: 20.06.2007 Posts: 90
      The problem is that you dont have the odds to play those cards to hit those hands.