[NL2-NL10] NL1K squeeze with 77

    • undercover82
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      5/10 No-Limit Hold'em (10 handed)
      Hand recorder used for this poker hand: Texas Grabem 1.8 by www.pokerstrategy.cc.

      Preflop: Hero is BB with 7:diamond: , 7:club:
      7 folds, BU raises to $30.00, SB calls $25.00, Hero raises to $160.00 (All-In), BU folds, SB calls $130.00.

      Flop: ($350.00) A:heart: , 8:heart: , 3:heart:
      Turn: ($350.00) 8:club:
      River: ($350.00) 4:spade:

      Final Pot: $350.00

      BU steals a lot and the loose SB calls. Is this a good spot for an all in squeeze?
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    • rubysilesia
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      Pocket pairs are favorite against every unpaired hand so I think its +EV to push with this type of villain (if any of his cards is lower than 7 than ur huge favorite). Looks like u didnt have luck and he did have some hand this time.
    • Nunki
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      Nice hand. I'm sure you can even make this play with even less of a hand than 77.
    • Berliner1982
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      Ok with BU loosing pretty loose against you, I was putting him on a 25% stealing range, because he might know as well that SB is pretty loose. SB I putted here on a 35% calling range with his 43% VPIP.

      So even if everybody would call (with their ranges) here you would have an equity of 36% and be a slight favourit.

      Since you are showing strenght and representing a good hand, the BU, who in general I guess is more or less tight, only may would call with TT+ and AK. So with his 25% raising range he would have to fold in more then 80% of the times.

      But SB here could call with any Pair, any suited connectors, any Two high cards and any Axs. So he would call a bit more then 20% of his calling range after the raise.

      And against a 20% hand range you have a coinflip where you are a 52:48 favourit. But you getting more then 2:1.

      So in the long run this squeeze should be profitable. :)