[NL2-NL10] NL1K QQ with double stack.

    • undercover82
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      5/10 No-Limit Hold'em (9 handed)
      Hand recorder used for this poker hand: Texas Grabem 1.8 by www.pokerstrategy.cc.

      Preflop: Hero is MP2 with Q:spade: , Q:heart:
      UTG+1 folds, UTG+2 raises to $30.00, MP1 folds, Hero calls $30.00, 3 folds, SB calls $25.00, BB calls $20.00.

      Flop: ($120.00) 3:heart: , 5:heart: , 8:spade: (4 players)
      SB checks, BB checks, UTG+2 bets $60, Hero raises to $180.00, 2 folds, UTG+2 raises to $350.00, Hero raises to $347.00 (All-In).

      Turn: ($817.00) J:spade:
      River: ($817.00) 5:diamond:

      Final Pot: $817.00

      Not reraising preflop was a mistake , i guess i didnt like the fact that he raises UTG. What about the flop play?
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    • aciddrop
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      With a stack this size, you should be almost off the table, shouldn't you? I reckon reraise preflop, to maybe $100. If he hammers you then, fold. Postflop here, what do you know? He raises with 10% preflop, but from early/middle position, what does that mean? You could be way ahead, or he could have AA, KK.
    • Nunki
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      You can't fold here without a read since UTG+2 is likely playing 88+ given his flop lead. (AK :heart: :heart: maybe).

      Even if you had re-raised PF UTG+2 would probably have smooth called pf and c/r you on the flop. If you lost this hand it is just a cooler.
    • Berliner1982
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      You recognized yourself that you made a mistake preflop. Lets look at the flopplay.

      Thoughts: He raised preflop, what he do with 88+, AQ, AK
      On the flop he makes a half potsize bet after two opponents check to him. That could mean AA, KK to see where he stands (if he gets check/raised by the other two players he had a decision to make) or he wants to keep you in the pot with AKs or AQs, because he is holding a monsterdraw with up to 15 Outs.

      So you raise him here (of course to protect your hand), and he raises you All-In after the other Two folded. He only would do that with AA, KK or AKs and AQs in hearts. I do not see him to do that with TT or JJ, since he does not want to see an Q, K or A then and Hero does not have to call so much here to be all-In. And he will know that you either have an Overpair that you slowplayed preflop (if he isn´t holding one), a Flushdraw with maybe a Madehand or a Set.

      So honestly I think you´re beat here or only have a coinflip.

      According to the Equilator, where I gave Villain the following hands: AKs, AQs, AJs, KK, AA, 88 he gives me that result: You only have 15% Equity but you need at least 25% to be even.

      So lets give our Opponent some more hands. Lets say: 88+, AKs, AQs, AJs and KQs then you would have an Equity of 55%.

      But realisticly we have to eliminate 99, TT and JJ, so with that we have an equity of 18%.

      So for me its a fold here, unless you have other special reads on this player, that he would do this stunts with Air.