Best times to play poker during the week

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      I'm hoping someone has done some research into this matter, I did a search of the forum and didn't see anything come up.

      Long story short what I'm concluding here is that there are specific times of days and days of the week where one game would be better than another to play based on who is playing at that specific time of day / day of the week. This of course would correlate to a person's base playing style, or the playing style that they are most comfortable with. Some players can say for instance switch gears from tight aggressive to loose aggressive but feel more comfortable playing tight aggressive and therefore cannot maintain a loose aggressive demeanor for more than x amount of time before reverting back.

      For instance: Friday and Saturday nights at say 10 PM PST would have more inebriated college students playing online than say a Tuesday at 6 PM PST so basic theory will state that Fridays and Saturdays would have looser tables based specifically on the fact that more players are inebriated.

      Based on that assumption, I believe that cash games would be more profitable than sit n go tournaments simply due to the fact that you can re-buy back in to a cash game.

      Also, due to time zone differences country A may contain a larger collection of say loose or tight players than country B so it may be more advisable for a player with a certain style to sit down when country A comprises a larger collection of players at the table than when country B is playing.

      Any insight would be greatly appreciated.
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    • Reanimater
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      You did not post your time zone :/

      Well time-wise I would play every day between 18:00 ET up to 01:00 ET, due to the traffic from Canada/America. Of course, playing during the week-ends is extremely profitable too :) .

      Additionally, I would be hunting for newbies at the end of each month, so you might want to grind some more on any weekdays (from the 25th of May until the 05th of June for example).

      On the big cash stakes, I believe that it might be the other way around. If I was a big ass fish-boss, I would be playing in the afternoon.