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How to spot leaks

    • kiromanAAKK
      Joined: 08.10.2009 Posts: 4,022
      Hello, I wonder if some kind soul may help me to understand how to spot leak in my playing by using Holdem Manager. What I cannot go threw is:
      a) the standard stats for a role model to take as a reference to understand where my number are above or below, so to determinate where Iam too lose or too tight
      b) which one are the most important stats that I should look at in order to spot some leak
      and finally, maybe the most important
      c) what or where I need to go to spot some leaks.

      By re-watching all the hands I have played it come out some distractions or some relative mistake in a determinate situation (eg. push to wide with A8s with 14BB from LP). But, in particular and in more details, what I really should spot that influence in negative my playing?
      Or, which one are the serials mistakes?

      Im using Holdem Manager as I have been advice as the best program but obviously other method of analysis are welcome.
      Please, remember I am bronze and I cannot watching the videos specific for this matter series Silver and above, and at moment I am unable to improve my status. Sorry about that!

      Really hope some1 can help
      Thank you :heart:
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    • lessthanthreee
      Joined: 30.06.2009 Posts: 16,300
      your statistics wont really help you spot any leaks kiro, the biggest mistakes players make are going to be in the push/fold stage.

      the easiest way to spot a leak is to keep posting hands on the forums (even the hands you win). This way other more experienced players can show you if you have a leak or not.