Favourite Place Playing?

    • BCShad0w
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      At the moment, I have accounts on Party Poker and PKR. These are accounts I made before joining this place, and will probably go to Everest Poker through this site to claim my bonus as well as my PS Points.

      I was wondering where you all prefer to play and why, as it may influence my decision [I just want realy player opinions rather than just the reviews to go on]

      At the moment, Im generally on PKR due to their low limit tables and their freerolls. I also know there are freerolls and low limits on Party Poker, but I think PKR to appeals to me more for some reason! [Probably the 3D graphs!]

      I believe that once I choose a third place to make an account, it'll probably become my primary place to play due to their own VIP Points as well as PS Points.

      So where do you play, and why? =]

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