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      Short Biography

      Hi, I am Potatorsalad and I am a 19 year old student from Belgium.
      I started playing poker a couple of years ago with some friends for change.
      On the year I became 18 a pokercompetition started which was going to be televised. I played in the regionals for ten weeks in a row an placed 4th missing the National finals by one place.

      After that I decided to improve my game so I could win regionals next year and earn a bit of extra cash.
      I donked away my ps capital on partypoker because of no BRM. After playing a couple of freerolls I won the 250 $ freeroll on Partypoker and started applying SSS.

      That didn't go very well and after a couple of months rest I logged back in to my Partypoker account to find two new bonusses waiting for me.

      A 25$ bonus to play poker and a 100 $ bonus

      My goals are to grind 2 NL and occasionally throw in a couple of 1 $ SNg's

      *Reach Silver status by the end of the month
      *Improve my Bankroll to 50 $
      *Clear at least half of the 100 $ by the end of the month
      *Read articles and watch video's every day

      Wow wall of text:p I hope you will enjoy my blog and gl at the tables!
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