How a fish got really happy !

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      Hi there!

      The fish is me :f_grin:

      I had some success recently on 4$ Deep Stack Knockout tournaments, which i loved to play disregarding any Bankroll management rules i had learned.
      But since I nearyl always finished on final tables or even won the SnG, i continued, until eventually, it happened to me to get busted out a lot of times (yeah and I played really badly some times).

      Finally my bankroll was down to 30$, Yes i know, i should have followed the rules.., and since I'm going to vacation in 2 days and won't have acces to Internet, i decided to gamble my bankroll on a 24$ buy in version of these SnG's.
      After all, myabe in this one variance would be on my side?

      Long story short after a long and terrible struggle to get itm, I won the baby, my bankroll's up to 608 again which makes me a global profit of 530 and that makes me very happy and i had to open a thread here :f_cool:

      And yes, variance was on my side, i won 5 big hands with AK and never got busted, had Aces twice and 2 Fullhouses on the final table.
      I love you variance, you made me borrow Harrington's Book series for the vacataion, this is starting to get very interesting :)
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