different levels weird mannerismS?

    • Escobario
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      at wat limit does a checkminreraise / minreraise commonly not = the nuts

      at 5c 10c iv found out that its basically 9/10 a set or a flopped straight

      went on massive tilt and played with whole bankroll at NL100 5 tabling, ended favourably but i found out that often a normal open raise seems to be 2bb

      what other kind of weird stuff can u expect at different stakes?

      p.s. for a micro player, i was seriously amazed at how shit some people at nl100 are.... now more than ever i can see myself grinding for a living one day
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    • w34z3l
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      Imo, it is always better to think in terms of individual players rather any particular limit.

      Playing against the "tendancies of a limit" is an extremely broad thing to base your plays upon even if general patterns emerge.

      Look for trends in individual players before you act on reads. You can't watch player A c/mr with air all day and then assume player B will just because he is at the same limit.