Clearing the starting bonus

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      Hi there,

      I just read the sticky about clearing the bonus. To sum it up, no matter which Poker room I sign up with, the starting money I get ALWAYS comes with a string attached so that, if I do not play this much and this well in this amount of time, the 50$ will be taken away from me again?

      Now, I have only played on Stars before stumbling over Strategy, and - with having a family and a job - I can only play so much. On days I played I made around 1 VPP. But I did not even play EVERY day. Taking this ratio out to Strategy and the 500! VPPs I am supposed to gather in under 90 (or was it 60?) days, there is no way in hell I could make that.

      Is it safe then to assume, the 50$ are meant as a teaser mostly or as a bankroll starter for (semi-)pro player, and are specifially NOT for the recreational player to mess around with? That is a bit sad for me...
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