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    • nfroelich
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      Hey Folks,

      New in town and starting out! Thought I'd be smart and started with NL Rush poker on FullTilt a few months ago. Lots of fun, excitement, and losses!! Starting with the basics again..!!

      Quick question pls: FL basic strategy indicates 3 early positions on a table of 10; if I apply the rule by which one departure at the table equals one deduction from the early positions, then am I correct in saying that on a table of 6, there are 1SB, 1 BB, 0 early, 2 Middle, and 2 late positions?


      Nick, France
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    • justkyle88
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      Hey nfroelich,

      Welcome to and the Community.

      Your calculations are correct. But, make sure you read and re-read the articles so you understand the basic concepts to start out.
      Any more questions feel free to shout out.