Hey everyone

    • joeldowey123
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      hey all just a wee hello from Belfast, N. Ireland here. hmmm dunno what to say, been playing poker a while now but i figured id like to actually learn about the game and try and improve it!

      just on here to get some tips, and hopefully not bleed my chips anymore haha!

      some great articles I've already read on here and my game has seen a good improvement already i think!

      anyway - good luck at the tables and maybe we'll meet heads up in the WSOP main event some day

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    • EagleStar88
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      Hi Joel,

      We've already met briefly in the beginner question section... Hi I'm Bart from the south coast of England.

      It's good to see you, welcome to our community. As you've probably seen already we've got great friendly members here that are keen to pass on their experiences and second opinions.

      Take your time to browse around the forums and strategy material, take a look at our free live coaching sessions and above all else... have fun.

      Best regards,

    • joeldowey123
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      again thanks for the info my man!

      yeah a good friend of mine suggested this site to me and pointed out a couple things to check out such as the live coaching sessions in which ill have a look at the PS SnG 12-13.30 one tomorrow afternoon.

      SnG's is the type of game i wanna become better at and hopefully build some sort of bankroll with.

      There is a lot of terminology (and software for that matter) that is new to me so forgive me complete Noob-ness by asking what the abbreviations are and stuff thoughtout my time here.

    • beckijay1991
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      Welcome Belfast!