Hey guys,

I wrote a small free iPhone application that should come in handy for everyone who enjoys a game of poker with his buddies and doesn't own a poker clock.

The aim when creating this application was to keep it as simple as possible but still offer everything that's expected of a poker clock.

The setup is very easy: Set your blind structure, select a time per level, select a notification (beep / vibrate) and start the game. :)

I also recently added the function to manually change the blind levels, so you can switch levels during the game. The blinds can also be changed during the game.

What's also quite handy is that the timer runs in the background. So if you receive a call during the game, the application quits, but the timer continues to run in the background. If you restart the application you'll notice that no progress has been lost and you can continue playing! This backgrounding functionaly is great, but please notice that obvioulsy the application can't play a beep tune or vibrate the phone when it's not running. Also, when you manually lock the screen, the application gets put into a standby mode and won't be able to beep or vibrate.

The application comes in English, French, German and (recently added) Portugese. Like I said it's free, but if you like the application please give it a positive review, and if you have any ideas for the application or feedback please let me know and I'll implement it. :)

Have fun playing!