[NL2-NL10] Too agressive?

    • gadget51
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      Villain's stats (small sample 322 hands);
      vpip: 18 pfr: 14 3bet:7.7
      ag% flop: 6.5 turn 25 riv 8
      Chk/R flop 25% Raise cbet 70% WSD 55%

      Result unimportant (usually means I lost lol), I just though this guy's range was slowplayed overpair, Axs or even Kxs or T2P (unlikely here), because he tanked before raising the flop (normally betted quick with good hand up to now), so I felt confident of the push.
      So, was I too agressive (it's a leak of mine I know)? And no, at this level I won't only get called by better, I get called by anything vaguely flop connected or overpair because I'm 'at it', obviously. :)

      Anyway, comments appreciated. I seem to be running into these a fair bit lately.
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    • MaestroOfZerg
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      Hard to say, villain's stats are weird he seems to be all over the place. Tight VPIP/PFR tho he's 3-betting light, high aggression postflop tho I'd going to showdown very often. Not quite sure what to make of him overall.

      Anyway. I think you'd be better off just calling the flop raise. I'm pretty confident villain is just not going to check/fold a blank turn, which allows you to make very good decisions against him. If it's a club just fold you're dead, if it's not a club bet when checked to and jam over his bet if he did bet himself. That way you're getting money in as a decent favorite instead of a marginal favorite when you're ahead and if you're behind you can sometimes get away very easily.

      Hope it helps.