pokerstrategy elephant not working

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      i downloaded the ps elephant a few weeks ago and never worked for me, no stats,no HUD,nothing at all. I checked the forum
      so i uninstalled PostgreSQL and try to run elephant again but now i get this messagge:
      Connection to database NOT successful! Please ensure that Postgre SQL is running and your settings are correct.
      i reinstalled the ps elephant and redownloaded the software many times over and i still get the same messagge.
      what should i do?
      Also the elephant HH looks like this:
      <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
      - <session sessioncode="3804928011">
      - <general>
      <gametype>Holdem NL</gametype>
      <tablename>NLH Heads Up $2, 458588791</tablename>
      <startdate>2010-06-04 13:58:01</startdate>
      <tournamentname>NLH Heads Up $2</tournamentname>
      - <game gamecode="3047179637">
      - <general>
      <startdate>2010-06-04 13:58:01</startdate>
      - <players>
      <player seat="1" name="" chips="0" dealer="0" win="0" bet="0" />
      <player seat="2" name="" chips="0" dealer="0" win="0" bet="0" />
      <player seat="3" name="Avals11" chips="1,500" dealer="1" win="500" bet="250" />
      <player seat="4" name="" chips="0" dealer="0" win="0" bet="0" />
      <player seat="5" name="" chips="0" dealer="0" win="0" bet="0" />
      <player seat="6" name="" chips="0" dealer="0" win="0" bet="0" />
      <player seat="7" name="" chips="0" dealer="0" win="0" bet="0" />
      <player seat="8" name="bounce73" chips="1,500" dealer="0" win="0" bet="250" />
      - <round no="0">
      <action no="1" player="Avals11" type="1" sum="10" cards="[cards]" />
      <action no="2" player="bounce73" type="2" sum="20" cards="[cards]" />
      - <round no="1">
      <cards type="Pocket" player="Avals11">C3 DK</cards>
      <action no="3" player="Avals11" type="3" sum="10" cards="" />
      <cards type="Pocket" player="bounce73">D3 D2</cards>
      <action no="4" player="bounce73" type="4" sum="0" cards="" />
      - <round no="2">
      <cards type="Flop" player="">C8 C2 SK</cards>
      <action no="6" player="Avals11" type="3" sum="20" cards="" />
      <action no="5" player="bounce73" type="5" sum="20" cards="" />
      - <round no="3">
      <cards type="Turn" player="">DQ</cards>
      <action no="8" player="Avals11" type="3" sum="60" cards="" />
      <action no="7" player="bounce73" type="5" sum="60" cards="" />
      - <round no="4">
      <cards type="River" player="">H10</cards>
      <action no="10" player="Avals11" type="3" sum="150" cards="" />
      <action no="9" player="bounce73

      Is this correct? do i have to change some settings?
      i need help please.

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