[DONE] Can't import history from PokerStars

    • StaneviciusV
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      Stats appears as soon as you have played enough hands at this table.
      Taskbar icon: Todays performance, no data available. / No hero stats available.

      I choose destination to history.. i tried release candidate..
      When i mark test HUD check-box it works.. but only on testing..

      when i open hands, analysis or overview on soft, this window is empty.. (No hands in your database.)

      so i reopen soft.. and get message about updating hands..
      ok, clicked start import and what i get:

      a lot of errors.. soft does not understand PokerStars history files...
      i tried to choose one file.. but soft it can see only then i select *.* all files.. there isn't pokerstars extension in the list..

      windows 7
      version latest and release candidate on screenshot is written.
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