Well, no reason to get too worked up about it, since it was in the daily dollar, and I guess these things can happen in $1 tourneys. I was about an hour and a half into the tourney today, with a 9K stack, easily on my way to the money.

Hand 1 : Got AA co, raised 5x with one limper, BB and limper calls board is 9 8 8 . bb raises, I shove, he calls. He shows 29s . Turn is another 9. I lose 3K chips.

Hand 2 : The very next hand, I have 1010 someone limps UTG, I raise 5x, from MP, limper calls. Board is 7 8 8 this time. Limper checks, I raise, he shoves, I call. He shows J7o, turn in a J. I lose my remaining chips (which were still like 2x the average chips).

So instead of ending up with 24K chips from these two hands, I'm eliminated. Wow just so sick :f_o: