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      Hi everyone... :D

      I'm new here and just wanted to say hello.

      I also wanted to take the oppourtunity to show alittle appreciation by saying thankyou here, for the $50 starting capital i was given to play with.

      I have joined up on and started playing there with my starting capital this morning.

      So far i have tryed a $1.10 tournament, with the result being my finishing 21st and just missing the money and i have had a go on a cash table, with the result being doubling my buyin.

      I have finished my first session with a small profit. ;)

      I am using the BR strategy i learn't from reading posts on here and am going to make sure i am disciplined with regards to that and to not be in a rush etc...

      I have only been playing poker for a short while and though i have had some early sucess already both online and live, i still have alot to learn and am enjoying the information this site has avaliable.

      I look forward to learning more from the members of this site and becoming involved where i can.

      Thanks again and good luck on the felts...

      Mouse :D
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