[NL2-NL10] A9s from blind

    • rorrlsh
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      NO_LIMIT TEXAS_HOLDEM $0.05/$0.10

      User: HERO
      Button: seat 9
      Players in round: 9

      SB: podbablje123 ($7.85)
      BB: HERO ($1.85)
      UTG: Helldream ($4.22)
      UTG+1: Virpil ($2.95)
      MP1: gunni07 ($4.40)
      MP2: _angelique ($8.16)
      MP3: Isti_81 ($6.95)
      CO: fantomass72 ($1.96)
      BU: Vadimar ($2)

      podbablje123 posts small blind ($0.05)
      HERO posts big blind ($0.10)
      Dealing pocket cards
      Dealing to HERO: [9:diamond: , A:diamond:]
      Helldream folds
      Virpil folds
      gunni07 calls $0.10
      _angelique folds
      Isti_81 folds
      fantomass72 calls $0.10
      Vadimar folds
      podbablje123 calls $0.05
      HERO checks
      --- Dealing flop [A:heart: , Q:club: , 3:heart:]
      podbablje123 checks
      HERO bets $0.30
      gunni07 calls $0.30
      fantomass72 calls $0.30
      podbablje123 folds
      --- Dealing turn [3:diamond:]
      HERO checks
      gunni07 bets $1.30
      fantomass72 raises $1.56 to $1.56 [all in]
      HERO ????

      I checked the turn to represent the Q, as I figured since no one raised me on the flop they most probably had Ax lower than 9 and some flush draw, possibly also a straight draw
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    • Gerv
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      I wouldn't represent something on micro limits because the level of those players is so bad that they only know what their own holecards are ;)

      So the 3 brings some split possibilities but still you have to protect your hand against possible flushdraws hence I would shove all-in on the Turn.

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