chasing losses

    • Escobario
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      i know its really bad to do this, but sometimes i just cant help it.

      whether bad beats or bad play or combination, i just feel i have to finish up. i still play fairly well usually when doing this, but it does result in me playing 8 hour + marathon sessions untill 9am.

      actually, id say usually its not bad play. if i play bad and lose a stack or 2, im good at recognising im not playing well and stop there. but if its a bad beat or cooler, i have no reason to stop playing so i just keep gunning for the profit (although this can lead to me playing bad if i get beat again etc)

      not really asking for advice cos i know theres not really any not obvious advice to give for this matter, but anyone else have any stories along these lines?

      worst for me was losing 10 buyins of nl10, playing with my whole bankroll (400 at the time) on NL100 and making my losses back. not smart i know, and not the best story, im sure some of you have far better
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    • VilaRestal
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      Not that a bronze would deign to advise a gold but:

      Our brains like to compartmentalize things and they unthinkingly regard 'a session' or 'a table' as some sort of meaningful quantity and we want to be 'up' in one.

      That's an illusion. The only meaningful quantities are:
      Bank Ballance
      How much you're enjoying it

      How important whether you finish a session up or down is depends on how long the session was and how much up or down you finish it and how little fun was had.

      Finishing a long session slightly up after hours of aggravation is worse than finishing a short session slightly down after having fun.

      The latter bodes better for the future: Short or long sessions up and enjoyed.

      As in all aspects of life we preform better if we're having fun. Poker is definately no exception.
    • drdrab
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      I once got drunk and played Heads up SNG's and bought in for the most expensive one before busting out. Luckily when i started i could only afford an $11 one but when i busted out i was playing a $55.

      I have since learnt my lessons and stick to BRM and stick to beer away from the computer.
    • Tim64
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      Try to set a time limit for a session before you start. "I will play x hands or for x hours". When you reach that target, stop.

      That way you won't have to chase losses or play cautiously to protect your winnings - either will cause you to play suboptimally.

      The tables will always be there, remember. There are enough fish at lower limits to be able to find a new one tomorrow.
    • Escobario
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      Originally posted by Tim64
      The tables will always be there, remember. There are enough fish at lower limits to be able to find a new one tomorrow.
      ah yes, but will i also flop a set 2moro against the fish's TPTK like im hopeing will happen in the next 10 minutes?!?!? :f_p: . i dont know why i think like that, i KNOW i shouldnt, and i dont really have a deterministic way of looking at things other than that

      i started doing the time thing like u said and works pretty well as long as i stick to it.