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Cahnging from SSS to BSS or not???

    • Sinnology
      Joined: 10.08.2009 Posts: 994
      Hello guys!
      I am at the crossroads and I would appreciate some guidelines/ advices form more experienced guys.

      So here is the situation:

      One month ago I began playing SSS on bwin, limits NL10 with BR of 30$.
      After cca 90h of playing in average 3h/day I reached NL15/30 and NL25/50 and my BR=360$.
      Playing mostly 6 table, sometimes 9 when I have nerve for slow ongame software.

      I switched from Bwin to also ongames Bet24 thru affiliate which gives me 40% RB and there is also 4000$ monthly cash race, with low competition, so I think I could pretty easily get to first 3 with my usual pace of playing

      I feel confident at playing SSS and also successfully implemented more advanced stuff into my game.

      Obviously there are lots of benefits for me to play SSS(due to multitabling, having solid winning strategy which I improve for myself, good RB and cash race),but I feel some strange need to make a switch to BSS.

      Despite all of those things I just feel that I am missing big part of something and that I am sort of cheater when I play SSS.
      As I mentioned before I feel confident playing SSS on limits I currently am, but at the same time knowing that my skills arent that good and I should eventually change to BSS in order to become good PP and enjoy other benefits of it(more money, better skillset).

      A good friend of mine is playing NL400 with BSS and maybe I got that feeling under his influence, but it for sure isnt a nice warm feeling inside of me.

      I know I made pretty confusing post here where I said a lot without saying a lot,but I hope its understandable enough for some of you to give me some guideline where to lead my poker way on becoming a good player.

      Any feedback is welcomed-

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    • Sinnology
      Joined: 10.08.2009 Posts: 994
    • degre
      Joined: 30.04.2009 Posts: 413
      It's completely up to you.

      You have developed a solid SSS and you're going up well, so, if you like the game and enjoy the payoff you could simply keep on grinding.

      On the other hand, if you want to open up your game and try BSS I don't see why not. You need to enjoy your game and, if SSS is not really your game, just give a try to something different.

      Personally I've moved to BSS as I simply can't play SSS, range is too tight and I was getting easily bored, but maybe you could have a look at Gerv's blog, he'a solid short stacker and he's making an attempt to change to BSS, last I heard he was playing mainly SSS to keep a steady income while doing some shots at BSS and getting coached to improve the game.
    • wildfool
      Joined: 27.04.2010 Posts: 29
      SSS is like data entry or some other mindless task. it's robotic and boring.

      When i first tried out BSS i wasnt doing as well as i was with SSS, so anytime i lost some money i would go and win it back playing SSS and then try again with BSS. eventually i started winning at BSS and it is much more fun.