• Stargaz3r
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      Hi there,

      Today I recieved a message off security asking if they could ring me - is this because me and my daughter both have accounts here and share the same computer?

      I replied saying they could ring but they never did so I'm wondering what to do next.

      - My daughter set me up this account 2 days ago, she really sings its praises and I thought I'd give it ago so I really hope it's not a problem that we both use the same computer!
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    • EagleStar88
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      Hi Stargaz3r & welcome to the community,

      Don't worry, this is a common part of the security precautions that PokerStrategy now undertake to protect themselves from potential fraud. It's nothing personal against you, just applied to applications randomly.

      You will need to complete everything the support team ask for, but once passed you should soon be up & running.

      Best regards,