Impossilbe to win att this fucking game!

    • aeroroger
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      now i got bankruopped the third time! I play everything right!!!
      But they alway got their runner runner stright! Flsuh everything.
      It is impossilbe to win! What i suposed to do! those m**** f**** get their straight f**** noobs. If it was in real casino i would bring a gun and shot him.
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    • Chiller3k
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      If you react in such a way, when you loose, you should really think about quiting Poker. The only thing you can do, is to play every Hand the right way, and it doesn't matter if you loose or win it. The winnings will come automaticly after some time.
    • Ohmu
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      Hi aeroroger!

      Also, juging by your post count you haven't posted many hands in PokerStrategy sample hands forum. So you might have some mistakes in your play that cost you your bankroll. But you might have just had some really bad luck.

      Btw, the brain usually remembers only the worst losses (river flush, etc) and amplifies them, thus you might be blaiming all of your losses to that, while you might have made some mistakes yourself.

    • Nogatsira
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      Originally posted by aeroroger
      I play everything right!!!
      I'm pretty sure that's not correct

      Originally posted by aeroroger
      If it was in real casino i would bring a gun and shot him.
      I'm also pretty sure you tilt alot and continue playing while on tilt.

      Post some hands, try to figure out where you go wrong, learn to live with variance.
    • rubysilesia
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      I agree with Ohmu. U remember beats better than wins. The reason why this happens: when u play u expect to win so when ur winning u just meet this expectations and soon after u forget it while when u loosing ur expectations aren't fulfilled additionally u loose money which always is unpleasant feelling. People tend to remember unpleasant feeling more than pleasant to avoid them in the future. That why it's very hard to judge ur own game objectively, actually it's impossible. I think that it's very important for poker player to learn to take loses as a part of the game (its gambling after all). I take bad beats as wins (well I try to). Because they are wins in terms of your skill improvement.
    • altruist
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      Yes, bad beats annoy the hell out of me too, have been killing me at the most important hands all day today.

      That's why bankroll management is so important. If you never invest a significant amount of money in one hand, you will win in the long run.

      If you cannot use effective bankroll management, expect to lose in the long run, or get lucky.