About 50 $

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    • EagleStar88
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      Hi Majmun877,

      It can sometimes take up to 72 hours after passing the ID check for the starting capital to be allocated and processed. Please bear with us whilst this happens.

      It would also be useful if you could keep an eye on your emails (including any spam filters/folders) as the support team will contact you when the money is ready or with instructions should an ID check be required.

      The ID check is still random, but becoming an increasingly common requirement now, so if you could gather documents together ready, this might help to reduce any potential delay in providing your starting capital.

      Hope this helps, welcome to the community and look forward to seeing you up & running in due course.

      Best regards,

    • Majmun877
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      I looking on my mail,and send ID to the pokerstrategy team,i send in wednesday,almost 3 day past,and i think i get 50 in monday... can i get 50 in saturday,or must to wait monday ?
    • Hadi
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      Since there are multiple threads regarding your issue, I'll close this one