I'm at $47 and feeling pretty good about my play. I'm getting better at folding great starting hands that don't hit, folding if my flush draw is not given the right odds, stealing pots with river raises when I know the other guys have broken draws, out-waiting my opponents for profitable situations, and spotting players that will pay me off.

I've made a change to what I play.

I will not play draw... I think I need to learn that game a little better. I think what my dad taught me about draw was misguided. Either that or the cards fall REALLY differently than live. So I am playing some 7 card stud hi. I like to play it heads up or max three people. I've moved back up in blinds to 5 / 10 NLHE because I found the 2 / 5 was REALLY tight, unprofitably tight. I know that this breaks my first rule but I'm trying to get back to the starting line here!

I'm also limiting myself to only two tables at a time. My reads were suffering at 4 tables. Also, I am not playing any SNG or tourneys right now either. If things are going well, why mess with it?