Question about poker dealers

    • Lizocain
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      Hey, maybe some poker dealer is around the site and reading this. I want to know what you need to become officially a poker dealer, where do you get your license from, how much time it takes and so on..anyone who has info about dealing, please post here. thanks
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    • darkrum18
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      yeah i've always been kind of curious about this myself
    • Lizocain
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      anyone ? echo ?
    • gordy1957
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      depends where you are,in britain you have to have a gaming licence(last one I had was £150) and you need to work in a casino to get one.
    • cataah
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      I worked 2 mouths as a dealer in a casino from Romania

      The casino needed more staff and they organised a trainig for people to become dealers. After that I was a dealer - no paper to say that
      -the training was 2weeks long and I only learned caribbeanpoker and a little of blackjack.

      We need no paper to say we can be dealers. Only the manager of the casino say who can be dealer and who can't

      I have a friend who is dealer at another casino (from Romania too). He become dealer just like I did: Casino neden staff - casino organised training - he registered to training and then becomed dealer
      -the training was 3 mouths long and he learned caribbeanpoker, blackjack and roulette.

      If you want to become a dealer, look for casinos which hire staff. Register to the training they offer and then be a dealer. Simple as that. You dont need a paper to be a dealer.

      But you probably have too meet a dealer from your country to find more details.

      Hope this helps
    • Waiboy
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      Hey Lizocain

      Try ringing one of your local casinos (or website of same I guess). They will be your best source of information.