Hello! Sorry I'm late:(

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      Hi all,

      Yeah I am really not a newby at this awesome site, made couple of posts in the forum but the fact is that I have never introduced myself for you guys. At the beggining of learning poker I even did not notice what brilliant community do we have - rarely visited forum. Now I think I am more active here but few days ago I've realised one year passed so fast... I wouldn't even spot this if platinum status didn't appear near my login name lol.
      Well anyway finnaly I am brave enough to say for you all: hello! :)

      So my name is Andrius (could be Andrew in english community:D ), I am from Lithuania. At the moment student of university, electrical engineering is my specialization. Poker is still my hobby which takes most of my time I am also enjoying fishing. Yesterday catched torpedo - pike:D There are plenty of things I like but the most I appreciate spending my time with my friends.

      Mostly played STT's accidently won some MMTs lol, biggest cash was 600$ in ECOOP VI 109$ r/a event in which accidently got in.
      At the moment playing 10$ DONs at William Hill (wanna faster clear a bonus)
      and 6.5$ 9 man SnGs at Full Tilt. My bankroll is splited between these two sites so I am not very conservative, but as result of this had to move down from 11$ to 6.5$ at FT. Anyway have almost enough to move up again but this time want and have time to improve my game so hope wont need to move down again:) .

      So that's all folks needed year to do this but finally introduced myself sorry for being so shy or maybe lazy:D

      Have a good day everyone:)

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