[NL2-NL10] QQ with bigger stack

    • rorrlsh
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      Just on a hand before I managed to move my stack to 30bb
      NL $0.10/$0.20 10 Players

      SB ($13.42)
      BB ($20.09)
      UTG ($7.04)
      UTG+1 ($17.90)
      UTG+2 ($19.28)
      MP1 Villan ($10.58)
      MP2 ($23.11)
      MP3 ($17.67)
      CO HERO ($5.93)
      BU ($19.70)

      SB posts small blind ($0.10)
      BB posts big blind ($0.20)

      Dealing pocket cards
      Dealing to HERO: [Q , Q ]
      UTG calls $0.20
      2 folds
      MP1 calls $0.20
      2 folds
      Hero raises $1.20 to $1.20
      4 folds
      MP1 calls $1
      --- Dealing flop [4 , T , 6 ]
      Villan bets $1.50
      HERO ????
      I know SSS is now AI
      but could he have hit a set? is he trying to semi-bluff with a draw or he has AT? I have unfortunately very low hands and no stats on him. I do have a note on him that he played some hands Axs and Kxs and suited connectors OOP.
      but this was very weird for me. limp, cold call and than bet flop???
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    • burek2000
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      Hey rorrlsh,

      even with bigger stack that's a standard AI on the flop. The pot is almost the size of your stack and villain can still pay you off with Tx, 77-99 or some kind of draw because the board is semi draw heavy. Besides, most of the time I see such donkbets villains making with top pairs because they think they have to protect too much and they will hardly every give up the hand to a small stack.

    • rorrlsh
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      Thanks burek.
      Thats how I played. The guy had 7 9, and hit his on turn.