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The trials and tribulations of a Scottish Poker Addict: My Pokerstrategy $50 progress

    • renegadegeek
      Joined: 07.06.2010 Posts: 18
      Hi everyone!

      I'm Nick from Scotland, I've been playing Poker for just under a year now and recently took up the free $50 offer from this site as I had busted my bankrole on Pokerstars ;) I thought Id tell you a little about my poker experience and show my progress so far with the $50 to use on FullTilt poker.

      I play occasionally at the Casino in 60-80 person tournaments for £12 entry and the 6 times I have been I have placed 4th and 2nd getting a total of £280 prize cash. I also have a fairly regular homegame but its a lot more crazy loose action than at the casino.

      Online I am generally a sit and go player, at stars I used to play a lot of $3.30 9-27 player sitandgos and have made a profit overall on that account. I decided to give the $5.50 sitandgos a go at FullTilt and was surprised to find many more bad players compared to the Pokerstars 3.30 games. Below is my sharkscope stats so far: I generally do one table SitandGos but occasionally a 18/27.

      To help improve my Poker Skills I have trying to study the game more and review hands that went wrong for me in games and try to ensure I don't make the same mistake again. I'd really appreciate some advice on what I should concentrate on to help further my Poker abilities and I'd love to find a coach that would be willing to chat to me regularly and perhaps evaluate my progress and suggest areas I need to work on.

      I have a reasonable knowledge of the theory but I do get a little confused working out implied odds and some other things, would be great to hear people advice on what's best to learn. However the main thing I have been concentrating on is discipline in the early and mid stages of the game so that I ensure a high % of placing in the cash.

      Thanks for reading and cheers to Pokerstrategy for my $50 bucks it has served me well so far :) . I hope everyone is running hot and avioding bad beats...even if it is impossible ;)

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    • renegadegeek
      Joined: 07.06.2010 Posts: 18
      Hello again :)

      I'm a little sad as I've had no replies to this article I'd really like to try to get more involved in the site and forum...however I thought id give a quick update as the last few weeks have been great for me Pokerwise.

      I play weekly/fortnightly at my local casino in a 60 + tournament for £11 buy in and in the last 2 weeks I have placed 4th and 1st getting me around £380 which I'm very pleased at I have only cashed once before and I've been around 7-8 times.

      Aside from Live poker I have been doing well online bring up my original $50 bankroll to $320, so my next milestone is to hit the $500 mark. I'm currently very happy with the 5.50 SNG's that I'm playing so do not plan on moving up the stakes for some time yet since I seem to do very well at this level.

      Lastly I made my Silver status recently so have access to some more articles to read up on and Wow the ICM model blew my much to take in. As the one area that is probably my weakest is the Maths of the game and I find it hard to take in...that maybe why I never got my higher maths ;)

      We'll I just thought I'd let you know how I'm doing, I'd love to hear some your thoughts or any suggestions on what to study at this stage in my Poker learning... perhaps something on odds might be a good ideal :)
      Joined: 27.09.2009 Posts: 22,027
      Greetings from Ireland

      Well done on your stats so far. I read your thread last week but I got distracted and never replied. You seem to be doing very well, so keep it going the way you are and build up a bigger bankroll.

      Good job!

    • sabo999
      Joined: 11.06.2008 Posts: 502

      You should move this post to the "Blog" Section and then you could get more feedback, and update it regularly yourself..

      Also, You should consider posting some of your key hands in the hand evaluation threads, they are really helpful for improving your game.

      Sabo :club:
    • Chiller3k
      Joined: 16.06.2007 Posts: 4,326
      *moved* as wished
    • renegadegeek
      Joined: 07.06.2010 Posts: 18
      Hello everyone,

      It has been a while since i have updated this and oh boy it has certainly been a challenging few months! Since my last report of getting my bank roll up to $320 on $5.50 SNG's I continued to have good success and got up over the $400 mark and got myslef a little shark when I searched myself on Sharkscope which pleased me no end :s_biggrin: .

      However that is where the good stops and the bad begins...I strated to run pretty bad and was loosing far too many situations when I was ahead (much more than the correct % rate of the actual hands). This began to tilt me slightly but in the next few days I received some very bad news about a close family member that had a huge effect on me physically and mentally. So in an attempt to keep things off my mind as much as possible I played more poker as a release...what a huuuge mistake!

      I proceeded to make many stupid emotional decisions that I would not normally make due to the recent news weighing on my mind heavily and was easily angered by stupid plays (IMO) which caused me to try to play back at them, often with marginal holdings. As us can guess this all lead me to spank over $270 of my bank roll. The more I did it, the more I wanted to chase my loses and the more emotional decisions I would make on the tables causing me to is an accurate representation of my mental state:

      After busting my bankroll I decided to take a break from online poker for more than 2 weeks. Since then I have been able to sort my head out enough to have tight control over my decisions and have been slowly rebuilding my BR. I am now happy to report I'm back up to $340 (still with no deposit) and have been playing my A game ...phew.

      I have learnt a lot of lessons through this testing time and even though I'm angry at myself for being an emotional donk, I feel I have grown as a poker player and will hopefully never make the same mistake again.

      Thanks for reading this guys and girls and take my advice...DON'T PLAY POKER WHEN YOUR HEAD IS NOT IN THE RIGHT PLACE...ITS A RECIPE FOR DISASTER :) I'd also be keen to hear if anyone has had similar experiences.