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    • GhostKing
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      I played 1 hour @ a NL SH Table $0.50/$1 just to start generating some rake and evaluate Interpoker. i just received a mail from them inviting me to sit @ a cash game table and generate 1 MPP to receive a $20 Bonus.

      Well, at first I tried the lowest limit available but figured that I had little chance to generate any MPP on this, So I jumped to the NL50 keeping in mind that the only goal was the rake :)

      In the first 15een minutes, I just stoled some blinds and played very few hands, playing a very tight game, evaluating my opponents. All where between 25% & 45% flop viewed. Next, I had three goods hands in 30 minutes. One rockets AA that met no opponents with a middle position 3BB raise preflop, one KK vs 1 opponent that fold on the flop after a half pot bet and the following 56s that went to the flop on a BB position with 3 opponents (late position, button and SB limp in).

      The flop was 5 6 7 rainbow. Pot was $4.
      SB Check, I bet $6 to protect my double pair and ask if any had a straight and just hoping to get a heads'up.
      Late fold, Button puts all in with $73, SB fold...
      There I was in trouble. I thought about a trips, a nuts straight or a AA/KK.

      I just folded after a 20sec hesitation. The other showed an AK offsuit. Sigh... He was pretenting that he played this very well. I really doubt it. What do you think about it ? What would you have done in the same situation ?

      Later, close to the end of my session, I received a 66 @ button. Was @ +$10 from start. Mid and first late fold, last late position limped in. As i had a very tight image, I decided to go all in and steal (maybe not a good idea but thought I would face no opponent as they had all low stacks below $30). SB & BB folded. The limper went all in with $23. I was unlucky, the guy slowplayed a QQ. So, I was just thinking that I definitely should not overplay low pockets. The flop showed 4 5 Q rainbow. sigh. The turn showed 7. I prayed... I had the odds for a straight !!! And the river went to 8.
      I'm not proud of that hand but thanks to that I got my MPP generated and won $23 with one hand. The session ended with +$31 (+ $20 bonus by Interpoker). I have been lucky and just felt sorry for him as I just remembered how I would have been angry if I were him. Well that's poker...

      Now I can just settle and strat to raise a BR at lower limits, having $104 thanks to PokerStrategy, InterPoker and luck. :D

      It was a good night...
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    • Puschkin81
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      Hi GhostKing!

      You got very lucky by starting at NL50 with your $50 starting capital just to collect MPP. I recommend that you reread our article about bankrollmanagement.
      Concerning your 65 hand: I think it's sufficient if you bet pot size ($4) on the flop to protect your hand. An overbet doesn't make much sense because a player who calls a potsize bet will also call an overbet. So you are getting the same result by betting (and risking) less. After the all-in push I would have folded as well because you are behind a better two pair, a set or a straight. You only beat a bluff.
      Concerning your 66 hand: You just got lucky. Don't play 66 that way. Just limp from the button and hope to hit a set. In some occasions you might also raise 5xBB, but an all-in is definitely the wrong move here.

      All in all I strongly recommend that you reread our strategy articles.

      Good luck at the tables!