$1 tourney for prize package to the WSOP-ME

    • monkey0nfire
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      Just wondering if anybody has chanced their arm at the $1 tourneys with guaranteed ~$12K packages to the WSOP-Main Event?
      If so how have you done? itd be so awesome gain entry for just $1, it is but a pipe dream but wow if it happened!! Obv u gotta get outrageously lucky but play the cards right and your dreams could turn into a reality :f_biggrin: .

      i played in one last nite, crazy amounts of ppl entered, about 25k entrys (6 packages awared for top 6 finishers), i managed 980th i think it was in the end, lost a massive pot AK vs 99, x x A 9 x board ( got it in on the turn :f_mad: ), and procceded to shove QTs on the button for ~9BB and lost to A8 from the SB.
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    • advola
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      I played 2 but busted early
      i just cant take them to serious and shove in early stages
      shove every TT+ and AK..
      Been cald with j7 and lost with AK
      and in the second lost QQ vs. KK
      i wish i could take them more serious ..
      But it so hard to to take serious tournement with 0.02% of ITM