• Roenepoen
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      I got a question about my fulltiltpoints.

      I got a lot and i want to buy something. I also have rakeback through this site and i know everything i buy from the store will be deducted from my monthly grossed rake. My question is, i buy something that is worth 800 dollar, my monthly grossed rake is 400. Will they take another 400 dollars from my account than?

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    • malosanmaka
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      No :)

      Your rake balance will just be negative and you won't get rakeback until you clear whole 800$ (i assume this is something worth 800*200 ftp = 160k ftp)

      Total hit to your rakeback would be 800*0.27.
    • Mstlc
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      Yeah like Malosanmaka says... your MGR balance will just be negative and you'll just start "filling the pit" again after your purchase. Don't worry, they won't be taking $400 out of your account :D
    • Roenepoen
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      So the day I will go sailing off from poker i buy the most expensive thing from my FTP points.

      Sounds awesome, thanks for the reply :)
    • SagipK
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      first of all im sorry if my english is poor. hope you guys will understand what i'm asking.

      i just got my 50$ from pokerstrategy and i opend an account at Full Tilt
      i'm looking for information on how this thing works axaclty.
      i get my 50$ and i can start playing with them.
      now i have to earn ftp (how axactly do i do that, and how much do i get)
      so these are my questions, how do i get the ftpoints?, how many do i have to get and in what period of time?
      I'll be glad with any information you guys have on that subject.

      Thank You.