Do you call 13 outs on the flop when he has an overpair?

    • Kidsoldja
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      So this is mainly a hypothetical question, and Ive actually faced a similar situation before playing 1/2 cash. So i want to know what people think about this situation in a ring game and in a tournament. Say you flop a draw and you have 13 outs to hit the draw. You lead out 15 in to a pot of say 30, and then a tag player who only plays big over pairs this way shoves all in over top for 115. The pot odds are terrible you need to call 100 more to win 160. With 13 outs in this spot, do you call, getting a little less then the best of it, with 14 outs do you call. You know this player very well and know hes only making this move with an over pair. My question really is do you chance it, pick a better spot, does it matter to you if its ring or tourney and at what point would you be willing to ship it with those terrible pot odds in on a flop(how many outs would it take for you to be willing to ship it in that spot)
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    • Hahaownedlolz
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      With 13 outs it's about a coinflip. Assuming all those outs are clean. it really depends how much chips you got left when you fold it, how much you've invested, how much BB you got left, how fast the blinds rise and the player your against.

      If you've put in half your stack already i'd obviously get it in. But if it's early in the tournament you can just let go of it.

      Also it's completely different if it's a cash game. In cash games there's no reason to not take every marginal EV spot because you can just reload your stack.. you can't in tournaments.