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    • Sreteb
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      Ive been anxious to try out SSS on partypoker, I've mostly played SNG's, but SSS looks intersting to me. I'm still patiently waiting for the $50, but apparantly PP likes me and gave me a free 10$ trial.
      I was tempted to go for the $3 SNG on PP, but decided to try some SSS. If I blow the 10$, it's no problem to me.
      Lowest stakes are 0,02/0,04$, so according to SSS 20BB would be 0,80$. Unfortunately the min buy-in is $2, which is 50BB (not sure how this is with higher stakes, but I assume it's the same min. buy-in).

      How does the min. buy-in affect my strategy?
      Do I still leave the table when I have won 5BB? Or does that go up too? (if I should leave with a 25% gain, I would need 12,5BB profit if min buy-in is 50BB?)
      Some q for when I have to rebuy.

      If I leave the table +5BB, I can come back again with the optimum buy-in for SSS or do I have to look for different table?


      ps: I tried posting this in NL, but I can't. Probably because I'm not bronze yet, if this should be moved, pls feel free to do it.
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    • Puschkin81
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      Hi Sreteb!

      Because the minimum buy-in is $2 on NL5 we recommend that you start at NL $0.05/$0.10 because $2 are 20BB on this limit and you can play strictly according to the short stack strategy. Since you only have $10 or 5 buy-ins I recommend you to wait until you get the money from us.

      Good luck at the tables!