Greetings to all Strategists

    • zoxy44
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      Hi all,Im from Slovenia and i just started to play internet poker after few years of thinking of it.I registered here on Strategy got my 50 starting cash and transfered them to Poker Stars where i made -140 eur pretty fast(had to invest some of my own to).About there i had anough and i sad i need to go study some strategy becose i didnt wanna lose money anymore.
      So i decided to start with SSS for starters and study SNG when i will develop a nice bankroll.I have to say that the Short Stack Strategy works really awsome.From the moment i starrted i just went up and up.Im over 200eur in one week.So i really advice to others to go read all u can from strategy and learn from it,it will help you a lot.U will become a shark pretty fast with it.

      All best to,keep up the good work

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