Need some advice ... got big downswing :(

    • Shakalis
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      Hello mates ,

      I wanted to tell you about my downswing whats happen in last 4 days ;( ....

      So basicly 2 weeks ago i switched from SSS to BSS with ~50$ i started to play NL 0.01/0.02 $ and with first day i boost up my BR to 72 $... after 2 days i continued playing and there were very many bad beats and my BR started to fall back so i set my self stop-loss limit... like 2 BI (10$) first day i loss onli -1.5 $ next day i loss again 15 $(that day I did a very big mistake playing on TILT when i was on -10$) second day i again loss -2.7 $ .

      Then i started to think maybe better switch back to SSS and so i did (becuse there i got biger exp.) i again was from 72 $ down to 50 $ and i played like usually NL 0.05/0.1$ SSS... and when i started to play first 200 hands i was +6$ then suddenly i got again so many bad beats i again fall down to -9 $ ... :( Then i did a stupid thing what i am now regret ... i wanted to try how it is playing on NL 0.1/0.25 $ with SSS and there when i started i got in 100hands +6$ and then again i fall back to -10$...

      So now i am at 31$ BR and i wanted to some good advice from you...
      What should i play now when i am down to 31 $ BR ? BSS NL2$ or SSSNL10$ ? Becuse now i cant go down to limits with SSS there are no buy - in ... in NL5$ or NL2$

      Thank you.
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    • Shakalis
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      Amm i forgot to tell i got thought to start maybe play SnG or DoN ... switch from cash games to SnG ... 4 months ago when i started play poker with real money i first started to learn SnG and DoN thats why i think to return to them.
    • Ultifanatic
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      Not to sound rude from the start but you sound like you are completely lost in using horrible BRM with a slice stupid on the side.

      Now to move on...... Start off by Relaxing.

      If you a breakeven plus player at SSS, then you should know about variance, downswing and how poker can kick you while you are down.

      Having said that, you have to realize that moving from SSS to BSS is a large learning curve where you should "expect" to lose a fair chunk of your bankroll due to the new concepts you have to learn. Walking into BSS from SSS expecting to maintain your ROI is silly.

      Also, you are talking in terms of 100 hands over a few days....not a downswing but a learning curve. Getting all worked up about it is wrong.

      Uhg, enough stating the obvious about your mistakes.

      Things you should do now.

      1. If you play 10 hours a week of poker. Split it up into 7 hours of SSS at a limit you are breakeven plus(within your BRM), then 3 hours a week at BSS at .01/.02. Do not expect to make money but break even with your SSS vs your BSS and just learn how to play BSS. Positive ROI will come in time.

      2. Stop seeing how other limits are.... play at your proper Bank roll limit. When your bankroll can support you losing 10 buy ins at the next level, then play for 10 buy ins at the new level to see how you fair.

      3. Read the forums about real downswings, variance, phsycology of poker till you understand what goes on other than the cards, so you feel better when you lose AND win.

      4. If you want to play cash, do not go back to SnGs. Learn one till you are good at it before you add another. If you want to play SnGs, do that and do not play cash. One does not jump between learning languages becuase you never really become fluent, this is the exact same thing.

      5. GO to the hand posting forum and post hands so people can help straighten out your game

      and last but most important. Figure out why you are playing poker. For fun, to play with friends, to be famous, to win money, to waste time, because it is cool, because your grandfather did.....if you can admit honestly why you are playing poker, things get alot easier after that....
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      now you need to stick on your winnings. to win games you should look on other rakes . you must make your on limit and try to achieve . this time you need the small winnings so play with patience and do not attempt new things. Play at that place where you are confident for your winnings.