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Move Down?

    • PSantosPoker
      Joined: 07.09.2008 Posts: 104
      Should i play NL2 again or try one more time NL5? here is my graph and stats at NL5:

      I really dont know what im missing at NL5 and i dont like the idea of getting back to NL2, :x i dont feel confortable playing that limit, but if i have to get back it wont be a problem.
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    • Lizocain
      Joined: 03.06.2009 Posts: 173
      ur limping a bit more then you should, ur vpip and pfr difference is 7%, I guess u raise JJ+ AJ+ the rest you limp, maybe try more steal from co bu sb, watch those ppl who are regularly stealing in sb position, and 3bet them preflop alot (with trash even, doesnt matter if someone has 80% sb steal, u can pre 3bet 56o) but the whole thing looks ok, but is this SSS btw? if its bigstack then you have to increase your vpip, steal, a bit more cbet on flop...thats about it.. but no matter how much u look at ur stats and strategy and everything,, there anything can happen, ppl dont think there, so its very hard to give you advice thats working, if you see a really loose guy, just shove against him (if sss) anything like A9o+ 22+, on NL2 thats not a bad move :D
    • JackxxRatt
      Joined: 18.07.2007 Posts: 119
      Your graph says you're still in profit so no need to move down just yet. You're way too passive pre-flop and I think that's affecting the rest of your game. You dont need to be a maniac but you do need to raise more pre-flop, especially in position as your attempt to steal is low too. If you're playing BSS then maybe lowering the amount of tables you play might help, learn to play the player more. Your fold to river bet seems high (63.58%), seems to me you're either chasing draws too much and too passively or you're just playing scared. Guess I'd need to see more to know for sure though.
    • Dvince900
      Joined: 25.06.2010 Posts: 38
      I think you are not a loser so you must not leave. you must stay here and play and get more experience until you start winning here .