Beating the Lowstakes

    • Waiboy
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      Clemens/Cornholio - totally :heart: :heart: :heart: the first part of the series. If the remainder of the series is in this vein then this could be the best low stakes FLHE education series anywhere IMO.

      While I definitly prefer the session review style hand review to a live play session, the only significant improvement I could wish for would be to include specific hand situations rather than the session review. I know it's more work, but it means the examples then become specifically relevant to the theory, rather than taking a few hands where it requires some manufacturing to make the point.

      If this were to be incorporated in future parts / series then I think this series becomes essential for any experienced micro/low limit FL player - in the same way the HOH series is essential for MTT players.

      In any case it's only a suggestion/wish, and even if not incorporated this looks like being an extremely strong and worthy series.
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    • CBFunk
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      great to hear you liked the first part so much :)

      Already forwarded it to Cornholio, who did this series (have to say it like Shaggy: It wasnt me) and pretty sure he will post here asap.

      Regarding the hand examples:
      Afaik Cornholio chose certain hands which fit to the topic. So it was more of a hand example review at the end. Cornholio will tell you exactly what he did.

      Look forward to part 2 to 5 in the next weeks ;)

      Best regards,

    • Cornholio
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      Hi Waiboy,

      í´m happy to hear that, even more since it really took a lot of work and it´s good to know that it´s ppreciated. :)

      Because the last Series (which was german only) was theorie/SR and some wanted more Live stuff, i decided to do this one a bit more practically to point out how the theorie can be applied at the table.
      But at least in Part 4 - Metagame, there will be a SR-like Part instead of the live part!
    • Waiboy
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      Originally posted by Cornholio
      But at least in Part 4 - Metagame, there will be a SR-like Part instead of the live part!
      :heart: :heart: :heart: :s_cool:
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      :D This series looks like it will be a lot different to others and the first one was superb. I was open mouthed at some moves! Super stuff. :D

      I can't seem to find the Approx-Charts. Can you post a link tothemforme?
      Help appreciated, ty.