Clearing the starting capital on Everest (Summit points)

    • Alleen86
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      Hello everyone!

      According to given guides, one can clear 50$ starting capital on Everest poker by collecting at least 1,000 Summit Points.

      I have collected 1,014 Summit Points by today, but 390 of them on the Sit&Go tournament, where you can use Summit Points as buy in and prizes are also in Summit Points.

      I have also collected 292 StrategyPoints, which means that Summit Points earned on Sit&Go can't be used for earning StrategyPoints. (1 Summit Point = 0,5 StrategyPoints)

      So the question is, did I clear the starting capital or those 390 Summit Points don't go into account? (In which case I only have 624 Summit Points).

      I hope you understand the question and appologize if my English isn't good enough.

      Best regards from Croatia! :)
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    • Schnitzelfisch
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      Hello Alleen86!

      I think that you have only 624 Summit points that count towards clearing the starting capital because the process is connected to the amount of rake you generate. Try checking your active bonuses in the poker client to find out whether the bonus is cleared or not, or you could always contact the Everest support who can give you a definite answer :) .

      Best regards,

    • Alleen86
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      TYWM for the answer!

      Guess I'll have to reach 500 StrategyPoints to be sure that I cleared the starting capital. :)

      TY again!