beat lower limits first?

    • h06s
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      Hi, I'm wondering if someone could help me out. I love to play but I can't win online. I have tried to follow the strategies on here also but with little success. My question for now is about lower limits...should one master the lower limits before moving up. By lower I mean 1c/2c. I am continually losing to weak starting hands at these limits. I am more successful playing 10/25c but this is out of my bankroll range and I am a roller coaster at this level.
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    • taavi1337
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      Continue playing the lower limit until you have the right bankroll for higher stakes. It is very likely that you're just running hot at the higher limit and will go broke if you continue there. BRM is very important in poker.
    • Dublimax
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      Put some extra money on your poker account so that you can move up the limits without breaking BRM rules...;)
    • Tim64
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      don't fall for the bit of your brain that tells you you will be able to beat higher limits even if you can't beat lower limits.

      stick at it, follow the strategies - fully - and move up only when you have the necessary bankroll.

      it's really that simple.