[NL20-NL50] QJs OOP Nl20sh

    • franeczek
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      Ongame Network $20.00 No Limit Hold'em - 4 players - View hand 771539
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      BB: $8.16
      CO: $21.56
      BTN: $19.42
      Hero (SB): $25.01

      Pre Flop: ($0.30) Hero is SB with J :diamond: Q :diamond:
      1 fold, BTN raises to $0.70, Hero calls $0.60, 1 fold

      Flop: ($1.60) K :club: J :spade: A :diamond: (2 players)
      Hero checks, BTN bets $1.00, Hero calls $1

      Turn: ($3.60) 8 :diamond: (2 players)
      Hero checks, BTN bets $2.70, Hero raises to $23.31, BTN calls $15.02 all in

      River: ($39.04) K :diamond: (2 players - 1 is all in)

      Villian is 33/17/1.4 after 91 hands with 50% cbet and 2nd barell (but very small sample).

      My idea on turn was to foce him to fold Ax hands and Kx that still have a bunch equity against me. Do you think that it would be better just to check/call turn and try to hit my outs?? I wouldn't be able to extract value OOP with my outs, so my implied odds suckcs OOP,IMO.
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    • N0pr3s3n7
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      My opinion: Don't directly shove the river to get these hands off.Versus a shove he would never fold them if he is good in my opinion because the shove shows your hand which is a flushdraw + gut shot.I call here down with almost any Ace .People on these limits love to shove bluff any cards they don't pay attention that if you had the nuts here e.g. QT you never shove the turn but you 3bet his bet.So do this .Think about representing the hand in it's right way.
    • Gabinr1
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      I would 3bet/fold preflop to $2,20. I don't want to play a hand that can easily be dominated oop without initiative. 3bet or fold.

      With your preflop line, postflop, you have the nuts so the question is "how do you get the most value?"

      C/C F, C/R turn seems ok. But I would probably go with C/R Flop, because I want to build up the pot and villain would call with two pairs most of the times, AQ, AT, KQ,KT also. AA, JJ, KK will raise, so you have an easy all in till River against sets.

      So C/R F to $3. Then value town. If he raises Turn, push.

      About your Turn line, I understand you want to get the most value out of your hand, but c/rai it's a clear sing of the nuts. Better c/r big and put it all in on the River.
    • Kaitz20
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      Since he doesn´t have there full stack he doesn´t like to b/f Ax hands
      So i think you dot have enough fold equity to shove
      I would likely lead flop, lead turn and shove river if I hit
      This way it is really hard him to either call me down with Kx hand and I doubt I get bluffraised almost never, since my line looks very strong
    • Gabinr1
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      Wow, I really messed up... my above postflop evaluation is for when you have QdTd (floped straight) in your hand. You actually have QJs instead... I just saw this now.

      My bad :s_biggrin: