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    • AquamanBT
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      I think that play money is good to get a feel for a new game, as it can help you read the board and possible made hands better. It is common for new players to read their hands wrong in Omaha for example, and IMO play money is good to get used to reading correctly the hands.

      Anyhow, I also believe that if you can't beat a recreational player, being it play money, beans, candies, or whatever you shouldn't put money on the line.
    • NightFrostaSS
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      That thread is way too tl;dr for my liking. other than that +1 to aquaman
    • VilaRestal
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      Thankyou Aquaman

      I agree entirely.
    • Hahaownedlolz
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      NO please not.. not play money.. i beg you.. :D

      I actualy played play money quite some time, till i discovered freerolls. I was doing pretty good and turned those 1k chips into 140k with solid brm (50+) :D

      It's really only good to play them when your at the stage where you don't know the hand rankings yet. And a little after that. Just to get a feel of poker and after that i'd just play at micro's and try to improve as much there against people who don't score 0/10 on an idiot scale but 2/10.
    • Dvince900
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      Both are good but play money is really nice with new games and for mostly new players.I also find there a lot o free rolls.