Bug:Localization:RUS: Overview:The tabs on overview page thanslated incorrectlly.

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      Hi all!
      First of all sorry fo delay with this bug. :( I just couldn`t detect this bug because I was on "vacation".
      So on the Overview page you translate
      "Days" as "Дней"
      "Months" as "Месяцев"
      "Years" as "Лет"
      This is wrong translation. For example: "How many days ago you were in the city?" is translated as "Сколько дней назад ты был в городе", but "I was in the city all these days" is translated as "Я был в городе все эти дни"

      "Days" should be translated as "Дни"
      "Months" should be translated as "Месяцы"
      "Years" should be translated as "Годы"

      Best regards
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