Hi there...
I've been playing the 1.75$ NL 2-table tourneys lately and made it to ITM nearly every time and claiming some winnings.
I'm plaing on PokerStars and I never grind BSS/SSS. I have been looking at the different tourney and feel, that the above mentioned type (for the time being) suits me best and gives the best rate of return.
18ppl - 1.75$ - NL - 4 places paid - winner takes 10.80$
45ppl - 1.10$ - NL - 7 places paid - winner takes 14$
90ppl - 1.10$ - NL - 12 places paid - winner takes 24.82$

Now I'm thinking about playing those tourney, because there is a lot more to win and I'm quite confident with those kind of tourneys (played exactely those quite successfull some time ago)...
I play turobo only - i like fast growing blinds and the quicker playing style... (I play for fun and normally never multi-table - as I find it quite stressfull).

180ppl - 2.20$ - NL - 18 places paid - winner takes 108$

The problem with that kind of tourney is that it takes much longer and I feel that luck becomes more important as compared to the "smaller" tourneys.

what is your impression? do you guys think it is better to play smaller tourneys (less than 6 tables) or rather the bigger ones?